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The theme for WORLD SPARROW DAY is I LOVE Sparrows. The theme has been inspired by the hope that more and more of us will celebrate the relationship between PEOPLE AND SPARROWS.

After all, we’ve lived in close harmony with these adorable little birds for 10,000 years. So, the main aim of the theme is to highlight the love that people have for sparrows and the seemingly small things that they do to make a big difference to sparrows. Through this year’s theme, we aim to highlight how citizens from different walks of life are making amazing differences and expressing their love for sparrows by telling the world the ways in which they are helping conserve sparrows.

The theme is centered around People and Sparrows because both are an integral part of a relationship that celebrates thousands of years of togetherness. In our busy lives, we have lost that bond with sparrows in particular and with nature, in general.

Through this theme, we want to bring some amazing people into the limelight, people who are not only helping in conserving sparrows but are also spreading love for sparrows, awareness about their importance in our lives and tips on their conservation. Looking at them, we hope others will be inspired and join the conservation movement to save sparrows by doing small things that have major functional conservation values.

Loving is doing. Warming up to sparrows is not just about looking at them and admiring them. It’s about doing something for them that will help them fight contemporary challenges to their existence. Sparrows need us for their survival in this ever-growing concrete jungle and we need them for our ecological system to be balanced and indeed, for our very own existence.


How you can also be a part of this campaign:

Just download any one of theseposterswith which you connecttake out a CMYK printout on 12’x18’ matt paper click a picture with it and send it to us.

You can also upload it on your social media pages, forward it on WhatsApp and tag Nature Forever Society. You can also email this to us on info@natureforever.org